The Challenge For Digital Storytelling Today

Everyone has an awesome idea just waiting to come alive – whether it’s the next great animated comic book, video game or interactive learning tutorial – but the reality is that most of us just don’t have all the skills needed to produce a complete project on our own.

Whether it’s for work, entertainment, education, training, or just for fun, sadly most of these ideas never see the light of day.

Want to know why? Because the challenges are often too difficult and expensive to overcome:


building and managing a team


organising and sharing assets


collaborating and communicating with everyone


paying others and getting paid


publishing your stories and protecting your content


leveraging user data and analytics

The good news is there is a solution, it's called StoryBrush, and it's coming in 2022! To learn more, follow us on Instagram and Facebook. And if you want us to keep you posted with developments, just leave us your email address below.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Virtually anybody who produces digital content...
    * illustrators & artists
    * character designers
    * modellers & animators
    * script writers
    * music & sound effects composers
    * voice artists
    * editors & producers

It's entirely up to you!  What do you want to create?  It could be an animated short (interactive or not) that you have had in mind for ages.

If you're a teacher, maybe you want to create an interactive physics lesson that automatically captures each student's lesson activities & answers.

If you're in corporate training, StoryBrush could give you your next interactive OH&S course, or your AML/CTF training content.

Do you have an idea for the next great kids' show and need a pilot put together quickly and on a low budget?  That's what StoryBrush is for.

We will be launching StoryBrush in 2022. Join our mailing list today and we will contact you when we’re ready to go.

We want everyone to have the opportunity to use StoryBrush in a way that's affordable for them.  While official pricing will be released closer to our 2022 launch we *can* tell you that there is a generous free plan to get you started and our top tier monthly plan is less than two large pizzas on a Friday night!

You can access Storybrush via the web using any modern browser.

Yes, protecting our artists’ work is one of the most important parts of the platform to us. We track every asset as it moves through the platform so that your work can’t be copied or stolen.

If your content is non-interactive - like an animated story, for example - then yes, you can export your production to a video file and then post or share it where you like.

Yes!  We believe that everyone has an idea for a story or digital production of some form.  The whole purpose of StoryBrush is to let you turn your ideas into reality, quickly, easily, and inexpensively.